World Bank Aided Rubber Project Development Unit (WBARPDU)

The Development Unit, World Bank Aided Rubber Project, Tripura is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 (Act XXXI of 1860) constituted to oversee the implementation of rubber supported socio-economic activities under the Tribal Development Plan of the World Bank Aided Rubber Project besides inter-alia objectives came into being in the year,1994. Responsibilities of the Development Unit were to coordinate implementation of the objectives of the World Bank Aided Rubber Project, Tripura component and implementation of Women & Tribal Development Plan through NGO.

Under Women & Tribal Development Programme 4009 ST rubber growing families were assisted against the target of 4009 families with financial assistance of Rs.5.61 crores with involvement 11 Nos. of RPS and 130 Nos. of WTG formed to ensure economic sustenance during immaturity period of rubber.

Credit (loan) to the tune of Rs. 9.18 crores had been extended under Alternative Financing Arrangement Scheme of World Bank Aided Rubber Project, Tripura to 4228 rubber growers through 105 Nos. of RPS (Development Unit – 89 Nos. and TRPC – 16 Nos.) and total area covered 4007.93 Hec. Recovery of loan till date is to the tune of Rs. 12.31 Crores and the overdue is Rs.12.49 Crores.

Financial and physical achievement report under alternative financing scheme,

Development unit, world bank aided rubber project, tripura (as on 31.10.2020)

Name of District Number of Borrower Total No. of Borrowers who  Liquidated Loan Money (Fully Recovered) No. of Borrowers recovered loan money partly No. of Willful Defaulter
West Tripura 1430 895 223 312
South Tripura 1664 1063 462 139
North Tripura 944 145 526 273
Dhalai District 190 135 27 28
Total 4228 2238 1238 752
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