Development Initiatives – At a glance:-

Ø      Promotion of Education Through - 

  •    Setting up of Residential Schools
  •    Boarding House Stipend from KG-I to Class -X.
  •    Pre-Matric Scholarship
  •    Post-Matric Scholarship
  •    Additive to Post Matric Scholarship
  •    Drop out Coaching Center for Unsuccessful Madhyamik students
  •    Special Coaching in Core Subjects
  •    Merit Award
  •    Up gradation of Merit to ST students
  •    Construction of Hostel for ST Boys and Girls
  •    Sponsoring Students to the Schools of Excellence out side the State
  •    Educational loan for higher studies 


Ø      Livelihood Propagation Through -

  •    Rubber Plantation
  •    Horticulture
  •    Tea Plantation
  •    Animal Husbandry
  •    Coffee Plantation
  •    Vanilla Plantation
  •    Water bodies Creation and Pisciculture
  •    Handloom and Handicraft


Ø      Entrepreneurship Development Through -

  •    Soft loan for business in transport, poultry, piggery, handloom & handicraft, hotel and different service sector through Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation. 
  •    Promotion of SHGs through capacity building, infrastructure development and capital flow.


Ø      Skill Up gradation Through -

  •    Vocational Training
  •    Pre-Induction Training for Recruitment to Para Military/Army
  •    Training at ITI, GNM and MPW
  •    Coaching for Civil Service Examination
  •    Shorthand and Type Writing courses
  •    Multipurpose Training
  •     Computer Education


Ø      Linguistic Development Through -

  •    Research and publication on different tribal languages
  •    Documentation of folklore & folk tales
  •    Workshop & Seminar


Ø      Cultural Promotion Through -

  •    Support initiatives for Pujas & festivals
  •    Workshop & Seminar
  •    Museum


Ø      Protection of Constitutional Rights Through -

  •    Restoration of alienated land
  •    TTAADC (constituted under the provision of VIth Schedule of the Constitution)


Policy Intervention – At a glance:-

Ø      Tribal Sub-Plan (Earmarking and ensuring the expenditure of proportionate percentage of Plan funds towards development  of ST population in ST areas in the state)

Ø      Pronouncement of 25-Points Development Package

Ø      Pronouncement of 37-Points Development Package

Ø      Tribal Advisory Committee (Advisory Body towards over all development of the Scheduled Tribes