37 Point Package

The State Government had announced 37-point Tribal Development Package namely “HIMSWKANG”  from 2003-04 to 2006-07 for  over all  development in education,  health, infrastructure, economic up-liftment and development of tribal arts and culture.


        1.  All the Junior Basic Schools in TTAADC area which do not have any pucca building at present would be provided with

                  pucca  buildings by the year 2006-2007.

         2.  Furniture will be supplied to the J.B.Schools in TTAADC areas in a phased manner and teaching aids will be supplied to all the J.B.Schools in TTAADC Areas which are not presently supplied with teaching aids.

         3.  Drop-out ratio for Scheduled Tribes students in general and girls students in particular, at Madhyamik  stage will be

                  brought down by atleast 40% from the existing level.

         4.  Science stream at the Higher Secondary Schools in TTAADC areas will be started in minimum 10(ten) Schools as

                  under :

2004-2005       -       3 Schools.

2005-2006       -       3 Schools.

2006-2007       -       4 Schools.


      Total                -       10 Schools    

 5.  All the Junior Basic Schools in TTAADC areas not having safe drinking water source and sanitation facilities will be

      provided with water and sanitation facilities.

 6.  Two more Residential Schools for tribal students would be set up in Sabroom and Khowai Sub-Division to offer high

      standard of education and these Schools would be managed by the Tripura Tribal Welfare Residential School Society

      under the Tribal Welfare Department.

 7.  Coaching for Joint Entrance Examination will be conducted in all Districts.

 8.  One new ITI shall be opened at Ambassa and the ITI at Jatanbari shall be upgraded.

 9.  Posting of adequate number of teachers in all schools in ADC areas will be given priority.

10.  Literacy campaign will be activated as a major thrust area for achieving cent percent literacy among tribals.


   11. Construction of buildings for Health Institutions (PHCs and Sub-centres) located in tribal areas will be given priority.

        Health Department shall take up construction of buildings for 10(ten) Institutions each year.

12. At least 5(five) local tribal women in each village in the TTAADC area shall be given Dhai training for ensuring safe


13. Immunization will be taken up in tribal areas in a big way to achieve 100 percent coverage among the children and

      pregnant mothers


   14.  All the 291 Partially Covered Habitation (P.C.Paras) as on 01/04/2003 in tribal areas will be upgraded to Fully

          Covered Habitations (F.C.Paras) by providing additional sources of drinking water

.  15.  Minimum 40% of new Pipe Water Supply Schemes / Iron Removal Plants shall be taken up in tribal areas.

   16.  Area Based Integrated Projects shall be taken up in minimum 10(ten) identified tribal villages to accelerate growth.

   17.  At least 5000 hectares of irrigation potential would be created in tribal areas through the Minor Irrigation Schemes during

          the next 4(four) years.

   18. At least 300 backward tribal habitations not having electricity at present would be electrified by the Power Department and

         at least 100(hundred) habitations would be covered by non-conventional source of power by the Science and 

         Technology Department.

   19. The Animal Resource Development infrastructure will be strengthened in Tribal Areas.
   20. Two Commercial Handloom Production Units on loin loom shall be taken up as Pilot Projects.
   21. All habitations having atleast 250 population in rural areas will be provided roads of improved quality by 2007 based on

         Core Road Network Plan.
   22. At least 1500 market stalls shall be constructed for benefiting unemployed tribal youth for self employment.
   23. Two Cold Storages will be constructed in tribal areas.


24. Atleast 15,000 tribal families would be provided dwelling houses.
25. Re-grouping of tribal villages along Highways / Road side for economic upliftment of the tribals will be given priority and

      special projects shall be taken up to cover atleast 4,000 families in re-grouped clusters.
26. Rubber plantation will be taken up for the benefit of the S.T. Jhumia families in 3000 hectares to benefit 3000 families to

      increase their income. Assistance will also be provided to eligible S.T. families for taking up Tea and Coffee plantation in

      potential suitable areas.
27. Training of Jhumias in improved farming practices will be given emphasis and atleast 10,000 Jhumias will be provided

       training and improved inputs.
28. Area expansion under fruit plantations in tribal areas will be taken up to benefit minimum 4,000 S.T. beneficiaries in a year

      to cover 600 hectares by distributing the fruit plants to the S.T. beneficiaries under various horticultural crops.
29. Kisan Credit Cards will be issued to eligible S.T. families on priority.
30. Bamboo cultivation / conservation by tribals will be encouraged in a big way. Atleast 12,000 S.T. families will be covered

      for bamboo plantation to bring minimum 5,200 hectares area under bamboo cultivation in the territorial Forest Divisions of

      Sadar, Teliamura, Udaipur, Bagafa, Gumti, Ambassa, Kanchanpur and Kailashahar. Cane and Bamboo, handicrafts

      activities by tribal artisans will be promoted to involve atleast 500 artisans for gainful employment.
31. Self Help Groups will be formed, trained and supplied with 500 piggery units (3 saw and 1 bore) and 200 goatery Units

     (4 goat and 1 buck) to supply improved livestock inputs to beneficiaries under various Departments.
32. Assistance will be given to atleast 500 S.T. families for Pisciculture based self-employment.
33. Atleast 1,000 Self Help Groups of tribals would be organized. Particular emphasis shall be laid for organizing women

      SHGs belonging to S.T. under Self Help Groups.
34. Skill Development Programmes shall be taken up to impart / upgrade skills for atleast 1,000 tribal youth for facilitating their

      self employment.
35. Pre-recruitment coaching programmes for different competitive examinations including Army, Navy and Air Force

      selections will be started.


  36. Documentation of major tribal art forms shall be taken up.

  37. For Promoting languages and literature, Directorate of Tribal Languages will be set up.