25 Point Tribal Development Package(1999 to 2002)

The State Government had announced 25-point Tribal Development packages for the period from 1999 to 2002 to accelerate development in Education, Health, Infrastructure, Economic upliftment and tribal Arts and Culture



    A.  Junior Basic Schools in ADC area which do not have any pucca building at present would be provided with a pucca building by the 2002(AD).

    B.  Also 244 JB Schools of ADC which have only one teacher at present would be provided with at least another teacher by December, 1999.

  2. Six residential schools exclusively for taribal students of Class-IV to Class-XII would be set up in the state at Khumulwing, Ambassa, Kumarghat , Kanchanpur, Birchandramanu and Karbook by the year 2001. These residential schools would be of the highest standard and would be managed by the Tripura Tribal Welfare Residential Schools Society an autonomous body under the Tribal Welfare Department.

  3. Five schools, one in each district and two in West Tripura District which have sizable number of Tribal students and have hostel facilities would be developed as centers of excellence for promoting sports and athletics amongst the tribal students.

  4. At least one hostel for tribal students of degree colleges would be set up in each district at Agartala, Udaipur, Kamalpur and Dharmanagar by December 2000 AD. In addition, one hostel for Tribal Women students will be set up at Agartala.

  5. Vocational Training Centres for Tribal Students, one in each District, at Dharmanagar( North Tripura) , Bishramganj(West Tripura) and Kulai(Dhalai) would be made functional by December 1999.Three more Vocational Centres would be set up at Tulasikhar, Mandai and Rupaicharri. In each of these centres 50 Tribal youths would be imparted Vocational Training per centre in important employment oriented trades with the help of Union Government.


    A.  Special coaching centre for Madhyamik drop out Tribal Students with 100 students capacity will be set up in each Districts.

    B.  In addition, study circle for coaching the maritorious tribal students for appearing in the examination of Class XII and the JEE will be set up in each Districts .Both Special Coaching Centre and Study Circle will be established by December, 1999.

    C.  Apart from them, 100 Tribal Students from outlying schools will be given coaching every year at Agartala for JEE from 1999 Onwards.

  7. Minimum 25 meritorious tribal students would be sent for coaching outside the State to appear in the Civil Service Examinations ( IAS, IPS etc) conducted by the UPSC with the help of Govt. of India.


  1. Integrated Area Based Projects would be taken up for comprehensive development of 25 most backward tribal areas of the state.

  2. The State Govt. with the help of ADC, Rubber Board, Coffee Board and Tea Board will raise 5,000 ha of Rubber, 500 ha of Coffee and 1500 ha of Tea plantation benefiting a minimum of 5000, 500 and 1500 families respectively by the year 2002.

  3. At least 50% of the M.I.. Schemes would be taken up in tribal areas during the next four years. A minimum of 4000 ha of irrigation potential would be created in tribal areas through M.I.Schemes / Pick up weirs , earthen/ RCC dams etc. during the next four years.

  4. At least 2000 tribal youth would be assisted under self employment programmes during the next four years.

  5. All the ST vacancies available in the State Govt. where suitable candidates are available, would be filled up by 2000 AD.

  6. A minimum of 1000 tribal women’s Thrift and credit groups would be formed in the State by the year 2002 for economic empowerment of women.

  7. Priority will be given to Jhumia families in all the above programmes.


  1. Every tribal hamlet (para) would be provided with one safe drinking water source by the year 2001

  2. All the important tribal markets which are not connected by road at present would be connected by fair weather road by the year 2002. In particular, the following 27 (twenty seven), most important roads / bridges connecting the most backward villages of the state would be completed by 2002 AD.

    •  U.S. Road to Bagmara via Tuisama.

    • Sindhupathher to Baisnabpur – Kathalchari – Sonaichari.

    • Kathalia – Monaipather – Barpathari Road.

    • Amarendranagar – Promodenagar – Itbatta.

    • Charilam – Ramnagar – Durlabnarayan Road.

    • Mohanpur – Barkhathal – Sonai Road – Paglabari- Kalyanpur.

    • Chechu – Patni – Mandai – Jirania.

    • Behalabari – Manikbhandar.

    • Bachaibari – Gopalnagar.

    • Dhumachera – Kairam - Babukumar – Jaqaharnagar.

    • Chawmanu – Manikpur.

    • Chailengta – Laldengabari Road.

    • Ambasa – Bagafa.

    • Ampi – Dangabari.

    • Gandachara – Raisyabari.

    • Chawmanu – Sikaribari.

    • Vangmun – Simlong.

    • Kampui – Khantlang.

    • Anandabazar – Bhandarima.

    • Road to Sermuntilla.

    • Chawmanu – Gobindabari.

    • Kawaifung – Ailmara – Bagmara – Bankul.

    • Devipur – Kathalia – Kurma.

    • Kathalia- Thabari –Taibandal – Kakraban.

    • Maharani, Tulashikhar via Champaharu - Khowai - Bachaibari

    • Kanchanpur – Sakhan Sermum via Chandipur – Dasamanipara-Saikar.

    • Laldengabari – Sakhan - Sermum.


      A.  At least 50 most backward tribal villages in the State which do not have electricity at present , would be provided with electricity connection including conventional sources by the year 2002.

      B.  In addition all Dumbur oustees, wherever they are, will be covered under Kutirjyothi programme.

  4. At least 10000 tribal families would be provided dwelling houses by the year 2002 AD.



    A.  A tribal museum would be set up at Khumulwing by the year 2000 AD.

    B.  A State level tribal cultural festival would be held every year from 1999.

  2. A lingustic centre would be set up under Tribal Research Institute of the State Government by December , 2000 AD for research and development of tribal languages.

  3. The names of tribal villages, rivers etc. which originally had tribal names but were given other names later on , would be renamed after the original tribal names by December,1999.

  4. Working knowledge of Kokborok would be imparted to all the field level officials of the Tripura Government.

  5. Comprehensive master plans would be initiated for over all development of Unakuti, Chaturdasdevatabari and Pillak.



    A.  The Sub-Divisional Hospital at kanchanpur, Chailengta and Gandachara would be made 50 bedded and minimum required specialists will be provided by 2000 AD.

    B.  In addition at least 10 new primary health centres will be set up in the tribal areas by 2000 AD.

  2. A comprehensive health project will be taken up for PG Tribes by the year 2000 AD with the help of Govt. of India.