Tribal Advisory Committee & Tribal Advisory Sub-Committee

Tribal Advisory Committee (TAC) has been constituted in Tripura on the 28th March, 1956 for the purpose of to advise the Government in matters relating to the welfare of Tribal people of the State of Tripura. At the very beginning the Committee was constituted with 9(nine) members only. At present the committee is constituted with 31 members headed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister its Chaiman, Hon’ble Tribal Welfare Minister as Vice-Chairman and the Director of Tribal Welfare as the Member-Secretary. Among the 31 Members of the Committee, 24 Members are Public Representatives and 7 Members are High Officials.

     The Tribal Advisory Committee will generally meet once in each quarter of the year. The Chairman, however, may call the meeting as often as he may consider necessary. Tribal Advisory Committee will discuss measures for the Welfare of Scheduled Tribes and give recommendations for consideration of the Government. The Agenda of the meeting of the Tribal Advisory Committee will be drawn up on the basis of suggestions from the members and with the approval of the Chairman. The Member-Secretary will circulate Notice of the meeting and any other paper as may be indicated by the Chairman amongst the members. He will arrange to maintain “Records of  Discussions of the Meeting” and submit the same to the Government for consideration.

 List of the members of the Tribal Advisory Committee are given below :-

 Sl. No.

                                               Name of members of the Tribal Advisory Committee


1. Shri Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister, Govt. of Tripura. Chairman
2. Shri Aghore Deb Barma, Minister, Agri,TW, ARDD Deptt. Vice- Chairman
3. Shri Naresh Jamatia, Minister, Rural Department, (excluding panchayat), Forest and Election Department. Member 
4. Shri Khagendra Jamatia, Minister, Fishary & Co-operation.etc. Deptt. Member 
5. Shri Manindra Reang,, Minister, TRP & PGP, Home(Jail)Deptt. Member 
6. Shri Ranjit DebBarma, CEM, TTAADC,     Member 
7. Shri Pranab DebBarma, MLA Member 
8. Shri Niranjan DebBarma , MLA Member 
9. Shri Padma Kumar DebBarma, MLA Member 
10. Shri Rajendra Reang, MLA Member 
11. Shri Lalit Mohan Tripura, MLA Member 
12. Shri Keshab DebBarma, MLA Member 
13. Shri Jasbir Tripura, MLA Member 
14.  Shri Naresh Jamatia, MLA Member 
15. Shri Gajendra Tripura, E.M, TTAADC   Member 
16. Shri Arun Kumar Chakma, MLA  Member 
17. Shri Ramendra Narayan DebBarma, MLA, Member
18. Shri Priyamani DebBarma, MLA Member
19. Shri Lalit DebBarma, MLA Member
20. Shri Diba Chandra Hrangkhawal, MLA Member
21. Smti. Shyandhya Rani DebBarma, Ex-MLA  Member
22. Shri Kiranmala DebBarma, MLA Member 
23. Shri Hakthuama Darlong, Ex-Chairman, BAC, Gournagar Block  Member 
24. Smti. Ramani DebBarma, BCA, Chairman, Hezamara Block Member 
25. Smti. Gunabati Reang, BCA, Chairman, Bakafa Block Member 
26. The Chief Secretary, Govt. of Tripura. Member 
27. The Principal Secretary, PWD, Govt. of Tripura. Member 
28. The Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Govt. of Tripura Member 
29. The Secretary, Tribal Welfare Deptt, Govt. of Tripura    Member 
30. The Chief Executive Officer, TTAADC Member 
31. The Asstt. Director, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes  Member
32. The Director of Welfare for Sch. Tribes, Govt. of Tripura Member-Secretary 

Besides, Tribal Advisory Sub-Committee has also been constituted to help or assist the Committee headed by the Hon’ble Minister of Tribal Welfare. Among the 8 (eight) members of the Sub-Committee, 6 (six) members are public representatives and 2 (two) members are high Officials.

List of the members of the Tribal Advisory Sub-Committee are given below :-

Sl. No.

Name of Members


1. Shri Aghore Deb Barma, Minister, Tribal Welfare  Deptt. Chairman
2. Shri Khagendra Jamatia, Minister, Fisharies & Co-op.Deptt. Member
3. Shri Manindra Reang, Minister, TRP & PGP,Home(Jail) Member
4. Shri Gajendra Tripura, EM, TTAADC  Member
5. Shri Lalit DebBarma, MLA Member
6. Shri Padma Kumar Deb Barma, MLA Member
7. Shri Arun Kumar Chakma, MLA Member
8. Shri Jashabir Tripura, MLA Member
9. The Secretary, T.W.Deptt. Govt. of Tripura Member
10. The Director, Tribal Welfare Deptt, Govt. of Tripura. Member Secretary

           The Tribal Advisory Sub-Committee will meet as and when required. It’s main function would be to review the implementation of the progress made in respect of financial and physical performance of various Tribal Welfare schemes, offer suggestions and make recommendations on various issues pertaining to Scheduled Tribes.